Huina New 2021 original 1550 RC Excavator 1:14 remote controlled 15CH electric model


***HobbyMart LK is the sole agent of Huina in Sri Lanka***

Huina 1550 RC Excavator takes children’s recreation to another level! Kids can use them to play in a sandbox or lift small stones in the yard. Huina 1550 RC Excavator is just as valuable for adults, however. Such as when they need to illustrate to student engineers. Sometimes, engineers need to demonstrate how to maneuver difficult terrains. This excavator toy comes in handy then! Furthermore, you can’t put it past adults to pass time with this toy. This sturdy and well-structured excavator features a 1:14 scale with its powerful motor and heavy-duty rubber track tires. With three powerful independent motors and a heavy steel shovel on its digging arm, it excavates in any direction, transporting dirt, sand, etc.

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