RC Garage


There are so many wonderful aspects about RC cars that you just gotta love. From the thrill of racing to scaling mother nature’s terrain, the amount of fun is just endless and the companionship along the way…. priceless. In this project moving along as the business entity who introduced hobby grade rc cars concept to the nation our passion drove us to engage in repair activities as well. We do it by heart , we do it with passion and its that affection towards RC cars made us to engage in repair and modification actives.  Since our inception we have never overlooked any of the sold hobby grade rc cars maintenance. Its a free service issued for our own products and any outside product also could be repaired in this garage for a fair professional fee. 

We have developed a highly skilled and self motivating crew , who are very passionate about what they do. What was the success behind our company is our excitement and never give-up nature when it comes to hobby RC repairs. Most of the time all the parts are available with us for the items we sell and  If parts are not available , no problem we order them for you and get the job done!. 

Thus far we have serviced and maintained more than 10000 hobby grade and semi hobby grade rc cars, which is a quite remarkable figure , making us standout par with any stakeholder in Sri Lanka. 

Best Repair Team , best care for your RC.